1. Protest by Jay Ger>ai5


  2. Transparent by Jay Ger>ai5

  3. Train Stop

  4. Check out this design I created and printed for Spirit West, an outdoor clothing and equipment company.


  5. My new sounds:

  6. - Strange Vibrations -

    Painting on 12x16” canvas
    by Jay Gervais

    I find myself drifting through different artistic mediums, trying to express or capture something that I can’t really explain. In this case, it is the art of painting, and I am particularly happy with how this piece turned out. I usually try to go into these sort of things with no expectations. That way you can never be disappointed, but I also find this allows for a more unique outcome. I never know what the final product will look like, nor do I even have a plan when the brush first hits the canvas. It is almost as if the painting is creating itself. With every smear, splotch, spill, and mistake, beauty is created. The canvas evolves through a process of being added to, changed, changed again, and again, and again, never really feeling complete, but being at the stage this piece has come to, I’m too scared to add to it in fear that I will ruin what I’ve done. I hope you enjoy this piece, and hopefully soon I will share a new recording with you.

    Jay Gervais

  7. - Scarecrow - 

    This piece is over eight feet tall, four feet wide, featuring an impressionistic, urban graffiti style. A mixture of vivid colours were sprayed into a collage of shapes, feeling, and emotion, all meant to resemble the emotions of humans moving through life. The thoughts, struggles, and movements are all displayed through the wild movement of paint, in the development of my latest work of art.

    Jay Gervais

  8. While guiding a group of students through Horseshoe Canyon in southern Alberta, another teacher pointed out that cactuses were growing along the edge of a hill. I was amazed that anything as southern-like as a cactus could grow in Canada and immediately began scanning the area for more. I have always had an appreciation for these defensive plants but had only ever seen them while on southern trips. With this new discovery, there was no possible way I could have left without taking a few photographs of Alberta-grown cactuses.

    Jay Gervais

  9. These are some photos I snapped while hiking through Horseshoe Canyon, near Drumheller, with my ESL students from Wynchemna. I never realized southern Alberta could be so beautiful.

    Jay Gervais

  10. - Space Explorer -
    Illustration by Jay Gervais